Aims & Objective

The main objective of GUSTO 2k19 is to organize sports competitions in selected recognized events, to encourage sportsmanship, to promote and create better harmony, understanding and friendly interaction among the students as well as to establish a close association among them.

To create awareness of physical fitness, sports and games in day to day life.

To equip students with skills not only in sports, games and exercises but also to handle real-life situations.

GUSTO will be conducted in accordance with the provisions, which are formulated from time to time.

General Rules

The order of events/ fixtures will be fixed and notified well in advance to all participating colleges.
All participants must carry their ID cards issued by Helpdesk and Hospitality team.
If needed, the rule book of GUSTO 2019 can be upgraded.
Every participant will be awarded a certificate of participaton duly signed by 'The Sports Counselor/ Convener of PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur
It is compulsory for all the participating teams/individuals to register on the official website of GUSTO'19.

Registration Fee

S. No Event Name Fee
1. Cricket ₹ 2500
2. Football ₹ 2000
3. Volleyball ₹ 1500
4. Basketball(Men) ₹ 1500
5. Basketball(Women) ₹ 1000
6. Badminton(Men) ₹ 800
7. Badminton(Women) ₹ 600

Registration Fee

S. No Event Name Fee
8. Chess ₹ 50
9. Table Tennis(Men) ₹ 800
10. Table Tennis(Women) ₹ 600
11. Carrom(Singles) ₹ 100
12. Carrom(Doubles) ₹ 200
13. Lawn Tennis ₹ 200
14. Athletics ₹ 100